ESS Testing

Advanced Electronics offers Environmental
Stress Screening (ESS) to test for hidden
defects by applying accelerated environmental
stresses to electronics.

pressure testing

Pressure testing where we are able to lower
the equipment into a fluids filled container and
apply high pressure.

Electro / Mechanical Assembly

Advanced Electronics provide solutions for
designvand assembly of equipment. We have
experience with downhole equipment,
installation of electronics and mechanical

We are be able to process sensitive electronics
as well as cables and installation material.
Within this area, we have broad experience and
have the opportunity to perform the assembly
and take part in testing / verification of designs
and functions.

Electronics design & programming

We have experience with the design of
electronics circuit boards and a selection of
components. Through the program for the
design of electronics, we can make drawings,
make calculations and adapt to the customer’s




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